No.1Game >> 保健室からの脱出 (Nurse Room Escape)

Author: Penguin / 制作者: ぺんぎん


Copyright(c) 脱出ゲーム大百科 / 2011. All Rights Reserved.


ユーザー様投稿ゲームです! ぺんぎんさんの4作目となる脱出ゲームだよ。

第1弾: Ganban Room
第2弾: 15th Anniversary
第3弾: Get The Ticket


(2)画面右下のabout itemをクリックすると、選択されたアイテムの詳細画面が見られます。





Copyright(c) 2011. All Rights Reserved.

About the game
This is an escape game from, the 4th escape game made by Penguin.
Solve some puzzles, and escape from the nurse room! This game has one ending.

How to play
All you have to do is just clicking.

About Item: Click an item in the box, and then click "about item" button. To shut off About Item, click "close" button.

To use itemes: Click an item in the box, and then click where you want to use it.

Some items can be used for the others. How to use an item for another is as follows.
1)Click an item in the box.
2)Click "about item" button.
3)Click another item in the box.
4)Click the screen of About Item.

Please note
This game has only Japanese version.
Though it may be a little difficult to play the game for the people other than Japanese,
they can enjoy this game if they understand the item names. The item lists are as follows.

Items used are as follows.

01. Tweezers (on the round rack)
02. Scissors (in the box on the desk)
03. Blue weight (in the steel cabinet)
04. Iodine (in the glass-fronted shelf)
05. Plaster box (in the the glass-fronted shelf) / Plaster (in the plaster box)
06. Green weight (under the bed)
07. Box with buttons (on the stand with casters)
08. Thermometer (on the stand with casters)

(The following items are the items you can get by solving some puzzles.)
09. Ice bag (in the wall shelf)
10. Small key (in the ice bag)
11. Cut banana (in the desk drawer)
12. Red weight (in the box with buttons)
13. Some kind of case (in the wall safe wiht 6 digit number lock)
14. Room key (in the case)