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Reisen Ep.1 / Author: SNEEDLE

Copyright(c) 2011. All Rights Reserved.

About the game
This game is an escape game from We are happy to release it, because it is the 1st game which an user of ours contributed to us.

How to play
All you have to do is just clicking.

When you talk to the characters, please click the ₯button to go on the next words.

About Item: Click an item in the box, and then click "+" button. To shut off About Item, click "-" button.

To use itemes: Click an item in the box, and then click where you want to use it.

Some items can be used for the others. How to use an item for another is as follows.
1)Click an item in the box.
2)Click "+" button.
3)Click another item in the box.
4)Click the About Item.