No.1Game >> Find the Escape-Men 7: in the Lavatory / ピクトさんをさがせ!7(トイレ編)

ゲーム説明 (About the Game)

以前、(電話ボックス編)では無事に脱出できた彼だったけど、今度はトイレに閉じ込められちゃった? 2エンドです。

操作はクリックのみです。アイテム欄の「ABOUT ITEM」をクリックすると、詳細が見られます。
(2)「ABOUT ITEM」よりアイテム詳細を表示

This is the 7th game of the series from where you collect The Escape-Men and escape from the room.
Let's find all the Men, solve some puzzles, and escape from the room! This game has 2 ends.
We hope you will enjoy the game. Thank you:-)

<How to Play>
All you have to do is just clicking. You can see the detail of an item, when you select an item and click "ABOUT ITEM" button.
To use itemes, select an item, and click the screen.
Some items can be used for the others. How to use an item for another is as follows.
1)Select an item.
2)Click "ABOUT ITEM" button.
3)Select another item.
4)Click the detailed screen.

サウンド素材 (Sound Materials)
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